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You may already have computerized systems in place, but what is probably lacking is a comprehensive Warehouse system. Or you may even have a system that is custom-built with cumulative requirements & improvements. However, you may certainly want your business to take the next big step forward by following the best warehouse practices and bringing in automation in the vital segments of your material handling activities, say for instance, deploying Fork Lifts etc. In case you are looking for a Warehouse System that is built from scratch to be a well-developed Warehouse System, our mid-segment solution offers the perfect answer.

We can custom-build a tracking solution irrespective of your line of business or industry. We have the wherewithal to deliver a comprehensive system that is tailor-made for your specific needs, which will be well within your budget as well. We have rich experience spanning several years in delivering sophisticated solutions across industries, which guarantees that you’ll get an exhaustive solution and trouble-free implementation.

The solution comes with the following modules: (can be customized as per specific requirements)

Receiving, Putaway, Packing, Order Processing, Picking, Cycle Counting, Replenishment, Performance Metrics.