ASRS Integration

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) is value addition in applications where high volumes of inventory move in-and-out of manufacturing or distribution warehouses. Being an AS/RS integration expert we have engineered cost-effective AS/RS to handle high volume inventories. We provide flexible & modular ASRS integrations to drive maximum efficiency & quality in your warehouses. Operation & storage with AS/RS delivers:

  • Flexible & cost-effective pallet warehouse automation
  • Accurate and real-time inventory, thereby eliminating the need for physical inspections and providing direct access to items anytime
  • Increased throughput and efficiency, saving space thereby reducing building costs
  • Increased workforce productivity with minimal labor involvement
  • Less product damage with careful and gentle handling
  • Intelligent logic employed drives the ASRS to optimize put-away and picking operations
  • Full visibility/accuracy of available Inventory, excellent picking/delivery accuracy, and a highly optimized storage & retrieval


AS/RS Integration aids in:

  • High-density storage
  • Automatic picking
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Rack location maintenance and monitoring
  • Location assignment in the best optimal algorithm

The application can integrate with different types of AS/RS as below:

  • Unit load AS/RS
  • Mini load AS/RS
  • Shuttle AS/RS for pallets, bins/trays
  • Vertical storage AS/RS (lift, carousel)
  • Floor storage AS/RS, etc.

The application can integrate with AS/RS along with stacker cranes for different variations as below:

  • Single-deep AS/RS
  • Double-deep AS/RS
  • Multi-aisle change AS/RS
  • Dual crane AS/RS
  • Heat resistant AS/RS
  • Cold-resistant AS/RS, etc.