Top ERP Product Integrations

This integration makes it possible for systems to exchange data to and fro between WMS and ERP systems and automates the business processes like Goods receipts, Open Orders, Inventory, and Sales Orders, etc.

  • Real-time integration for stock movements
  • Efficient transfer of bulk data between ERP and WMS and ensures it is successful
  • Resends the failed transaction to the ERP system at configured intervals
  • Logs all transactions between WMS and ERP system for tracking and troubleshooting purposes


The following processes will be covered in the WMS and ERP integration.

  • Master Data
  • Receiving
  • Quality Check
  • Return Management (Sales Return, Quality Rejection, Dispatch Advice, etc.)
  • Pre-Packing (Production data)
  • Stock Management
  • Open Orders
  • Delivery Orders
  • Post Good Issues
  • WMS-ERP Stock Consolidation
  • Inventory Check