Warehouse Control System Integration

Our Warehouse Control System integration covers the process control such as equipment control, storage optimization, and material retrieval and facilitates monitoring the real-time activities of automated material handling equipment.


  • WMS can be integrated with WCS for controlling and monitoring various warehouse operations like the below
    • Stacker Cranes
    • Conveyors System
    • Pick to Light Systems (PTL)
    • Shuttle System
    • Sorting Systems
    • Auto Packing Lines System
    • Auto Label Applicator System
    • Automated Transportation Systems (Laser Guided – LGV, Magnetic Guided – AGV, Rail Guided – RGV, Sorting Vehicles, etc.)
    • Automatic Dispatch Conveyors System
  • This integration can help to implement the best optimal algorithm to utilize the equipment effectively in the warehouse
  • Designed to deliver optimal command load to warehouse control system server, towards achieving uninterrupted warehouse control system operations
  • Minimizes transport of cranes by implementing optimization methods in WMS
  • Optimizes storage/retrieval of pallets/bins using task interleaving
  • Designed for optimal crane movement, ultimately aiding in achieving maximum throughput
  • Designed for achieving transport priority
  • Designed for efficient use of cranes/branch-conveyors
  • Intuitive user interface in WMS to monitor the status & debug issues