Inquiry and Maintenance

An inquiry and maintenance module can be used to inquire about the status of equipment, location, transport command, deliveries, and inventory.


  • Provision to view the communication status of each equipment with WMS like the crane, conveyor, RTN-X, uni-shuttle, ASRS, and packing machines
  • Provision to change the power source from the generator power supply to the normal power supply in WMS
  • Provision to recover the power failure
  • Provision to start/stop the warehouse control system in WMS and start/stop all the equipment in one go
  • Provision to monitor processes and issues on servers (Intranet web server, host communication server, database server, warehouse control system server, mobile server, and printer server)
  • Provision to view the status of auto packing lines
  • Provision to force stop the equipment if required
  • Provision to start-up or stop all equipment with a single push of a button
  • Location status inquiry feature to help check the status (like empty/stocked/store in reserved/store out reserved/disabled) of a storage location, where the location can be selected by choosing the area, row, bay, and level
  • Provision to check the inventory in a particular storage area by part number and location number
  • Provision to report inventory and its locations based on the load movement date
  • Provision for inventory data maintenance
  • Provision to monitor the empty bin line and empty pallet stacker through indications in the user interface and system error logs posted by the WMS system
  • Tracking of the progress of a delivery or part dispatch and storage/retrieval log and long-term retention details
  • Provision to view the transport commands generated in WMS and their status
  • Provision to alert if the transport is not completed within the configured time interval
  • Provision to reset the alarm in case any transport command did not get executed within the set time limit
  • Provision to delete transport commands and acknowledge new errors posted