Pre-packing is the process of packing materials into pouches/boxes after printing and pasting MRP labels on pouches/boxes. They will be palletized on the recommended stacking unit and stored in ASRS.


  • Provision for the operator at the line to select a part and send command to the WMS for sending label requirements to printers (manual packing line, through printer server) or communication messages to PLC (auto packing lines)
  • The operator can optionally prioritize the execution plans
  • The operator can split the packing plan or merge the packing plan based on their requirements
  • Packing material for the part can be set by the supervisor
  • The system shall suggest packing materials required, quantity (proposed), and available stock, alternate packing material. The system shall allow ordering alternate materials if the quantity ordered is more than the available stock
  • The system can issue commands to ASRS for the raw material and packing material to be automatically retrieved and sent to the corresponding packing lines
  • The system shall display the packing information to the operator and allow them to enter packing plan quantity or quantity blocked for R&D, primary MOQ, and secondary MOQ
  • The system has the provision to allow for repacking
  • If the packing line is down, then the packed quantity of the current packing plan will be considered as the required quantity and updated in the packing plant. The return quantity will be automatically calculated and returned
  • The system has the provision to transfer the packing plans from one packing line to another if required
  • The system has the provision to delete packing plans from packing lines if not required
  • The system has the provision to book errors in all packing lines like – short, excess, packing damage, wrong part, etc.
  • The system has the provision to swap the packing plan in the same line
  • If there is a partial bin created during primary packing, it will be moved back to the respective ASRS for storage
  • The system has the provision to supply kit child parts at the kitting line
  • The system has the provision to confirm that the pallet/bin has arrived at the correct kitting line by putaway order
  • The system has provision to return the parts to the warehouse that are not fitting with other components or packing material
  • The system has the feature to reprint the MRP labels if it is damaged/required
  • The system has the provision to generate packing plans manually if required