Final Checking Packing process

This is used to sort the bins for dispatch box packing based on delivery wise.

  • System has a provision to change the box size based on the size of the material (Finish Good).
  • System has provision to force close the dispatch if required.
  • System has provision to book the following errors,
    • Material Short
    • Material Excess
    • Packing Damage
    • Wrong Part
    • Material Damage
  • Provision to view the pending dispatch packing.
  • Bins can be retrieved to packing station automatically based on the deliveries. System has provisions to facilitate optimization of the required number of boxes in Final checking packing station.
  • Provision to change the size of the packing group, i.e. the minimum number of bins of a delivery that needs to be consolidated in Uni-shuttle before releasing to a final packing station.
  • Strapping can be done in Final checking packing station for all boxes.
  • System has provision to do the final checking packing manually as well.
  • Dispatch labels (delivery wise) shall be printed based on the bin arrived at the packing station.