Other Processes features

The other processes include handling the various internal warehouse operations like Delivery Cancellation, Invoice Reversal, DA Process and Reversal, Sales Return, Quality Check, PGI Reversal, Re-Bin, and Swap Box.


  • DA Process – Provision to generate orders for the DA and reverse the DA orders
  • Blocked Part Retrieval – Provision to retrieve blocked parts inventory from various storage locations (ASRS/manual storage area)
  • Change Inventory Type – Provision to change the inventory type of a part-batch
  • Swap Box – Provision to swap two boxes in a delivery
  • PGI Reversal – Provision to reverse the PGI for deliveries in ERP from WMS
  • DA Reversal – Provision to reverse the DA orders which are generated in WMS
  • Export Packing Status – Provision to reopen an export box and generate export slip
  • Reprint Label – Provision to reprint the MRP labels
  • Part to Part Movement – Provision to change the existing quantity from old part to new part
  • Reprint Box Label – Provision to reprint the dispatch labels
  • Special Raw Material – Provision to reserve material for institutional sales
  • Call Empty Pallet – Provision to call empty pallet stack from ASRS
  • Export Packing – Provision to either pack boxes in the master box or pack master boxes in the container
  • Export Printing – Provision to either print dispatch label for the master box or print dispatch label for the container
  • Swap Bin/Pallet – Provision to swap the material from one bin/pallet to another
  • Export PM Supply – Provision to pick master boxes from export PM supply
  • Tyre RM Storage – Provision to store unpacked tyres on a pallet in the manual storage area
  • Tyre FG Storage – Provision to store packed tyres on a pallet in the manual storage area
  • DA Picking – Provision to pick DA material from the DA area
  • Quality Decision – Provision to separate good quality from bad quality products on a pallet
  • Re-bin/Palletize – Provision to rebin/palletize material for storage after it has been packed in dispatch boxes
  • Sales Return – Provision to accept the return products
  • Block for R&D – Provision to block the products for the R&D process
  • Unblock Parts – Provision to change the MOQ type to un-block the parts which are blocked for the institutional process
  • Export Packing Slip – Provision to print an export packing slip for the export process