Equipment Management

Equipment management module is used to manage/control the equipment like Cranes, Conveyors, RGVs and Uni-Shuttle.

  • Provision to disable / enable the equipment like crane, conveyor, RTN-X and Uni-Shuttle.
  • Provision to maintain the location in ASRS and Manual storage area and view the location status.
  • Provision to view the location and bin status in graphical view
  • Provision to view the box movements in the conveyor, in the process of storage and retrieval operations,
    • Provision to insert & remove the pallet/box from conveyor in-between storage and retrieval operation.
    • Provision to check the pallet/box weight using automated weighing scale and reject if not confirming to standard weight.
    • Provision to check the pallet/box dimensions and reject if not conforming to standard dimension.
    • Provision to modify the weight for the pallet/box.
  • Provision to change the stacker crane from one aisle to another aisle using transfer car.
  • Provision to view the pallet/bin and its location details where from/to it is getting retrieved / stored.
  • Provision to change the mode of stacker crane to “automatic”, “semi-automatic” and “manual” mode.
  • ASRS Control and monitoring statuses
    • Provision to view the stacker crane movement and its travel location in graphical user interface.
    • Provision to view the error for each stacker crane, conveyor & transfer car and reset the same
    • Provision to turn ON/OFF the aisles.
    • Provision to change the conveyor and stacker crane to INPUT/OUTPUT mode.
    • Provision to view the status of equipment in graphical view.
  • Provision to reset/clear the errors in the equipment and packing machines.
  • Provision to maintain the auto packing machines.
  • Provision to view the Warehouse Control System commands sent / received by the system.
  • Provision to re-send /re-generate/delete the Warehouse Control System commands in the system.
  • Provision to maintain the label printers.
  • Provision to maintain the terminals/stations in the system.
  • Provision for Assigning/Re-assigning a station to a packing line.
  • Provision to store the bins/pallets by manual operation.
  • If the rack is full then system shall alert the user on this.
  • Provision to maintain the storage units in the GPC. Actions include add, enable, disable, mark as deleted or print the label for the selected unit.