Inventory Check

This process helps to verify and correct the system inventories with physical inventories available in ASRS and manual storage area. The inventory cycle count can be scheduled based on the SKU-wise or storage area-wise or rack location wise for easy operation.


  • Provision to check whether the book inventory balance or target stock amount in the system matches the actual stock that physically exists in the storage bin/pallet/cage-pallet
  • Inventory check schedule can also be scheduled for future dates
  • Provision to pause or resume the operations of inventory check
  • Provision to force close the in-progress inventory check orders
  • Inventory checks can be performed part-wise, inventory group-wise, and crane-wise
  • Provision to bulk upload the parts which need inventory cycle count
  • Provision to cancel and reschedule the inventory check orders
  • Provision for hierarchical level approval for specific application processes is available
  • The system shall prompt the operator at frequent intervals to perform the inventory check order
  • Provision to schedule the inventory check orders row-wise, level-wise, and bay-wise in ASRS. Automatic error booking will be done based on cycle count
  • Provision to recall the units to the error recovery area to correct the stocks upon supervisor’s approval
  • The quantities after cycle count can be automatically shared with the ERP


Warehouse Management System