• Dispatch box is will be arrived to the corresponding chute/dock based on the delivery.
  • System has feature to sort the dispatch boxes based on mode of transport (like Courier/Domestic/Export) to the respective chute for delivery loading.
  • Application allows for re-printing the dispatch labels if required.
  • System allows delivery loading features like: loading the boxes to truck and Unloading the boxes from truck
  • System has provision to swap the boxes in a delivery to re-arrange the box sequence.
  • System has provision to post PGI data to ERP for generating the invoice and GR from ERP. It can also post Reverse PGI data to ERP.
  • Vehicle loading slip can be generated and printed. Present delivery number, Total number of boxes in a delivery, Number of boxes loaded, Delivery Sequence Number shall be displayed.
  • Export packing slip can be generated separately for export orders.
  • Provision to assign and release the truck based on mode of transport.
  • System has provision to print the gate pass slip after loading the boxes into the truck.
  • System has features to cancel the delivery before PGI for the following,
    • Unit wise cancellation
    • Delivery wise cancellation
    • Part wise cancellation