Order Processing

Allocate finished goods from ASRS or manual storage area for the normal delivery orders, very urgent orders, and export orders based on the required delivery order quantity. The stock allocation will be based on priority like FIFO/OFIFO/LFIFO.


  • WMS shall download the open orders from ERP by calling the delivery RFC (Remote function call) at frequent intervals automatically
  • The system has the feature to schedule the wave to generate picking orders to the corresponding chute based on the mode of transport like courier, domestic, and export
  • Wave optimization shall be done based on multiple factors including maximum order lines, mode of transport, route group, city, and dealers
  • Maximum order lines level can be set by the user in number/percentage for prioritizing the order type (Standard/Very Urgent/Export)
  • Picking order can be prioritized based on the order type being classified as very urgent/export /standard/all
  • Picking order allocation shall be generated based on the optimized FIFO or FIFO for delivery orders
  • Allocation can be assigned to other picking areas if the assigned picking area is more than the configured limit
  • Picking orders can be generated delivery-wise/SKU-wise depending on the ASRS picking area. Chute gets assigned for the delivery while generating the picking orders