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You need to respond to your customers’ requirements with efficiency and alacrity. You would want to avoid backorders and also make sure that you do not hold any dead stock. In order to achieve this, you need to have in place one of the most efficient Warehouse management systems available, which will help you make the perfect decisions for enhancing your business.

The Core-WMS solution designed by us is appropriate for enterprises that are contemplating expansion in a big way, and are planning to computerize their manual Warehouse management operations, which are currently time-consuming and not very accurate. In addition to offering flexibility, our solution processes data in a matter of milliseconds, offering better control and efficiency on any type of warehouse operation. The benefits range from enhanced inventory, to extraordinary efficiency that helps show an upward trend in your sales graphs, along with increased revenues, and higher profits. With easy to view web/windows and quick-access mobile menus that provide real-time data and directions on material movement and inventory status, your employees will find that Core WMS is rather easy to learn and doesn’t require extensive training. It lets you do all of this – and a lot more. It infuses warehouse intelligence into your current practice that relies on a manual system, which is often slow and error-prone.

The system includes the following modules:

Receiving, Putaway, Picking, Cycle Counting & Performance Metrics.